Branches Café will be reopening in the spring.

A place to relax with a good cuppa and a really great slice of cake.

Branches Cafe is run entirely by volunteers. We are aiming to open every Tuesday and Thursday. We may occasionally need to close due to volunteer availability. Please check the Branches Instagram or this page to get updates on upcoming opening times.

If you have some spare time and would be interested in joining the cafe team then please contact The more people we have on the team the more days we can open.


Middle Eastern wrap party £6.50
Meaty – Lebanese spiced Chicken shawarma
Veggie – Medley of beans ragout with pasted seasonal veg

Rainbow brassica salads with toasted paprika and sunflower seeds

Seared chickpea salad with fresh veg and herbs

Served with
Sumac spiced yoghurt

Chilli sauce

White/ wholemeal tortilla wrap

Dessert £4.50
Brownies/Blondies with ice cream
Small ice cream pot £3

Perfectly drinkable tap water – help yourself from the counter.

Specials – these will vary throughout the year.

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