Thrive and Grow Poltimore is a horticultural and community gardening project that is managed by Meridian Raw CIC and encourages people to come together and develop a shared vegetable garden, take part in growing activities, learn about horticulture and take part in other related activities in a relaxed and stimulating environment.

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Volunteer activity is essential to the Poltimore House restoration project and is greatly valued by Poltimore House Trust and the several thousand members of the public who come to visit each year.

Some Poltimore volunteers have said what they enjoy most about volunteering is:

  • “Seeing the progress and knowing you are a part of it”
  • “The feeling of working towards a successful outcome in restoration; facing the considerable challenge; working with other volunteers; the enjoyment of being part of a lovely home and garden”.
  • “Working with others who are here because the want to be here”
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