Willow bed update

Freshly planted Dasyclados

This is one of those projects that started over a cup of coffee and the words ‘wouldn’t it be lovely if….

….we could make our own willow structures to place around the grounds’

Rabbit guards added

This came up after a few volunteers had been on a willow basket making course. 18 months later we bought 50 willow cuttings, 10 each of 5 varieties and selected an area beside the front drive where the ground is often waterlogged. They were planted in January 2020 through landscaping fabric and rabbit guards placed around them for protection.

Willow bed with Black Maul

In March we had 30 Black Maul cuttings donated and the willow bed was extended to accomodate them.

Growth by June
Upside down!

By June the plants are all established and growing well (even the two that had been put in upside down).

The first crop will be made in December or January and once they have had a few months to dry out we can start to create some willow art.

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